Top 5 Best Medical Alert Systems of 2022

Updated: September 16th, 2022

Getting the right medical alert system is serious business. You want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth, as well as making sure that you have a medical alert system that can protect your well-being and the well-being of a loved one.

We put five of the best medical alert systems on the market through their paces. Our testing showed that Medical Guardian was the best of the best, but we’ve compiled all the facts you need to know about these top five brands.

Let’s jump into the 5 best medical alert systems on the market.

In order to find the best medical alert system, we had to put each of these through rigorous testing. We looked at the applications that run these alert systems, the features they offer, as well as the physical hardware that they can come with.

After all of our testing, one of them stood well above the rest, and that was Medical Guardian. However, you should take a look at our top five to see which one makes the best medical alert system for you.

Medical Guardian is taking a much-needed modern approach to medical alert systems. Gone are the days of oversized and clunky devices. Medical Guardian offers streamlined options as well as a medical alert smartwatch.

Here’s what makes them the best.

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"The best in market"

6, 139 Reviews


GetSafe is a great runner up when it comes to medical alert systems. It offers a lot of the classic features that you’re looking for but feels a little dated when compared with other options.




2,489 Reviews


OneCallAlert is another great choice if you’re looking to guide the essential medical alert services. However, OneCallAlert is held back by not keeping up with the times as well as having a bad brand reputation when it comes to changing prices without notifying users.




12,31 Reviews

Life Protect

Life Protect is the picture of your classic medical alert system. Users receive an emergency call button that they can use at a base station or on a wearable device that immediately connects them with emergency support.

However, Life Protect feels a little bit behind the time and requires individuals to have a working landline, and it does not offer fall detection.



"Very Good"

913 Reviews


MedicalAlert seems to recognize that times are changing. It features a mobile app that can work outside of the home as well as keep users connected with their caregivers.

However, it doesn’t offer an activity monitor or medical reminders, which limits the maximum potential that you can get from this medical alert system.



"Not bad"

412 Reviews

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"The best in market"

6, 139 Reviews

Why Medical Guardian is the Best Medical Alert System

Now let’s dig a little deeper into why our testing showed Medical Guardian to be the best medical alert system.

Medical Guardian Alert Systems

Medical Guardian offers 5 medical alarm systems:

  • Classic
  • Home 2.0 (Previously Home)
  • Mobile 2.0 (Previously Mobile)
  • Mini Guardian (New)
  • MG Move Watch (New)

Medical Guardian Home Equipment

  1. Base Station: 2-way communication in the home used with the classic system only. Place the speaker box low to the ground so the user is close to the microphone and speaker in case they fall.
  2. Emergency Help Buttons: A mobile button that calls the helpline when assistance is needed. Your options are a pendant that’s worn around your neck or a wristband. You can customize both by adding a designer band or chain.
  3. Wall Buttons (optional): Wall-mounted buttons sync with the base unit. You can press it to call the helpline when you need assistance but aren’t wearing a mobile help button. The wall button doesn’t require wiring — it comes with mounting tape (or has screw holes on the back).
  4. Fall Detection Pendant (optional): A separate wearable device that recognizes movement (e.g. falling) and automatically triggers a call for help.

While it’s not necessary, we advise testing all equipment by pressing the emergency button once a month to make sure the batteries work and everything functions properly.

Lock Box (optional): Weatherproof box with a four-digit code that’s stored safely in your account. This allows the dispatchers to give the code to your contacts on file or paramedics to access the spare key and get into your home in case of an emergency.

The “On the Go” systems provide the same 2-way communications and fall detection wherever a user goes (using cellular 4G connectivity).

How Do Medical Alert Devices Work?

Each Medical Guardian system is ready to sue right out of the box. Simply connect to a power source and call the phone number on the box to activate (the process took us about 10 minutes total).

When you push the emergency button on one of your devices, it calls the Medical Guardian dispatch station within 30-45 seconds. They ask if it’s an emergency and you need help.

If it’s an emergency, dispatchers then get in touch with one of your four emergency contacts on file (family members, neighbors, etc.) or call an ambulance if needed (they find the closest one in your area). If you can’t speak or they can’t hear you, they’ll call your cell phone. If they still can’t get hold of you, they’ll call 911. Everyone we spoke to when testing was very caring and empathetic.

Features and Functionality

Medical Guardian offers plans with either in-home protection only or in-home and on-the-go protection. Some of their in-home plans’ most worth-mentioning features are:

  • 24/7 monitoring
    All of the company’s monitoring centers are based within the US and the highly vetted and trained operators are available 24/7 for any emergencies.
  • Crystal clear 2-way communication
    All medical guardian devices enable clear 2-way communication via the built-in speaker. You can also adjust the volume of the speaker according to your preferences and get connected to an emergency respondent with the single click of a button.
  • Power outage protection
    All devices come with a substantial amount of back up battery power (can vary depending on the subscription) which allows you to be protected even when the power is out.
  • Landline-free protection
    Even if you don’t have a landline, you can get all the medical emergency features using a cellular subscription. The company uses the AT&T service to offer you wireless support 24/7.
  • Activity sensors
    The Family Guardian package also includes activity sensors which allow family, friends, and other caregivers to stay updated throughout the day with your different levels of activity.
  • Family Guardian application
    The Family Guardian application can be downloaded for desktops/laptops, smartphones, and tablets. It can act as a self-monitored or professionally monitored service.

On-the-go protection is offered with the Mobile Guardian and Active Guardian plans. Here are some of the features that come in these packages in addition to the ones mentioned above:

  • GPS location tracking
    The mobile guardian device makes use of your mobile’s GPS to pinpoint your location and sends help right where you are.
  • Dependable cellular connectivity
    The company makes use of AT&T’s reliable cellular service to offer you wireless, 24/7 access to all the company’s monitoring centers.

Outstanding Customer Support

One of the best features with Medical Guardian is their customer support.

Medical Guardian has a very well-trained, highly-responsive support team which can be reached via phone call during office hours (9am-9pm EST). Their monitoring server agents are available 24/7 however. The representatives offer billing and tech support as well. More information can be retrieved via the company blog and/or the FAQ section present on the company website. There are also plenty of helpful tutorials available on YouTube.

Final Word

When it comes to a medical alert system, one of the biggest challenges is making sure that people can actually use the devices they’re given.

If a medical alert device is uncomfortable to use or cumbersome, it might just get discarded and not deliver on the additional medical safety you’re looking for.

This is where Medical Guardian really shines. It’s easy for users to onboard this new technology and it’s discreet enough to keep on your person all day. You don’t have to worry about one of these fall alert devices clashing with your style or being too clunky to take outdoors during a hike.

When it’s all said and done, Medical Guardian seems to be delivering great results on the cutting edge of medical alert systems.

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