Top 5 Best Electric Neck Massagers - 2021 Reviews & Rankings

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We Tested the Best Neck Massager that Helps You Get Rid of Neck Pain Instantly.

The neck is one of the most utilized parts of the human body. Not only does it hold up our rather heavy heads, but it is also responsible for thousands of muscle movements throughout each day as we move our heads, shoulders, and backs. Having sore or stiff muscles in the neck can severely restrict movement and cause many uncomfortable and painful symptoms including neck pain, headaches, fatigue, dizziness, and sleeplessness. The best neck massager can be a valuable tool in combating neck pain and stiffness.

Neck pain and tenderness is one of the most common complaints found in patient visits to doctors and chiropractors, with 30 percent of people in the US complaining of neck pain annually according to the Practical Pain Management Association. While nothing is quite as effective as a massage from a licensed massage therapist, the majority of people suffering from frequent neck pain or tension can’t afford the cost and time that it requires to have a professional massage as often as needed. In these cases, having one of the best neck massager options in your home can provide many of the same benefits as a professional massage, and can be used daily as needed.

Our team spent 3 weeks testing over 18 popular neck massagers available on the market. Scroll down to see the top three winners.

NeckRelax® Electric Massager with Heat

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792 Reviews



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Why Is the Neck Relax™ Massager Rated #1 of 2021?

  • ➡️ It relaxes your cervical spine, relieves discomfort, and eliminates pain.
  • ➡️ Release the stress created in the neck area because of several hours of sitting in front of the computer or looking down on a mobile phone.
  • ➡️ It relieves muscle tension, which allows the muscle to release knots in the area affected.
  • ➡️ It removes daily stress, boosts your mood and your concentrating abilities.
  • ➡️ The two extra massage pads will treat different pain and soreness areas, such as shoulder blades, lower back, arms, and legs.
  • ➡️ It has various settings and an electronic pulse massager feature.
  • ➡️ Trusted by 176,000+ customers
  • ➡️ Best value for your money.

4 Types of Neck Massager

When it’s time to choose the best neck massager to provide soothing relief for your muscle tension, it’s important to know what to look for. There are several popular styles and many brands in today’s market. It helps to understand the various styles and features that are available in neck massagers so you can make the best choice for your needs.

A great neck massager can provide relief for common muscle tension, soreness, stiffness, pain, and even stress and fatigue. The combination of penetrating warmth, and kneading or rolling massage nodes can relieve muscle pain, promote better circulation, and reduce stress.

  • Wrap-Style Neck Massagers

Wrap or drape style neck massagers are the most common and popular style and considered by many to be the best neck massager style for providing relief for muscle tension. The majority of these massagers are constructed of PU leather, which is a highly durable imitation leather made with polyurethane. This makes them easily cleaned through a simple wipe-down process. They also feature breathable mesh fabric which typically covers the heating and massaging function to allow the heat to more deeply penetrate through to the skin in order to enhance muscle relaxation to get the most out of the massage.

Wrap style neck massagers are sometimes cordless with rechargeable batteries, but more often they come with a cord and an AC adapter and may include a car adapter for use during travel.

  • Neckband-Style Massagers

These are smaller, more discreet massagers that fit closely around the neck without long or heavy drapes. They are lightweight and compact in design. They are typically cordless and are powered by rechargeable batteries. Rather than kneading or rotating nodes, these smaller massagers usually feature eclectic pulse massage together with a heating function to provide relief to the muscles of the neck. The small size and cordless function of these massagers make them the best neck massager choice for use in the office, the gym, while traveling, or any time you need relief or relaxation without the bulkier, draping effect of typical neck massagers.

  • Pillow-Style Neck Massagers

Some of the best neck massagers come in a pillow design to fit under your neck to provide relief. While these are less convenient for use on the go because they require you to sit or lay down with the pillow under your neck, they are a good choice for use at home when you are relaxing with a good book or watching a movie. They are also highly versatile and can be used on the lower back, the calves and the feet. They often provide heat therapy as well as kneading or rolling massage nodes and are highly effective.

  • Chair Pad Neck Massagers

For those who suffer not only from neck pain, but also from muscle pain in the shoulders, back, and hips, a massaging chair or chair pad may be the best choice. These are designed to massage several areas at once, including the neck, shoulders, and hip and thigh areas. They typically have massaging heads placed at ergonomically correct points in the padding and provide soothing warmth as well as massaging features.

No matter what your needs, with the many choices available today in the best neck massagers, you are sure to find the perfect option to provide soothing relief and relaxation whenever you need it!

Check out the following parameters when buying.

Massage Types: A neck massager can include different massaging techniques. You need to see if it comes with multiple types of massaging techniques including kneading, vibration, Shiatsu, and heat therapy.

Versatility: Ensure that it comes in a versatile design so that you can easily use it to different parts of the body. However, such a feature will let you spend more.

Power Source: The one that comes in a wireless design runs with the help of rechargeable batteries. You will also find a neck massager that allows you to power it from a standard outlet. If it lets you power it with the help of a car adaptor then you can use it from anywhere you want. If you are looking to have something that delivers efficient performance, then you can go for a manual massager.

Adjustability: It must allow you to make multiple settings in the speed and intensity so that you can use it according to your requirements. This will let you have a better advantage, and some can also come with a timer feature. If it has an auto shut off feature, then you can use it safely.

Comfort: It must be composed of high quality materials and offer you superior comfort. You can see if it includes other accessories and is available in an easy to use design.

Shape and Size: The product must come in a perfect size so that you can have easy portability. Look at the shape carefully and see if it helps to deal with muscle pain and promote blood circulation.

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