Top 5 Best Portable AC Units Under $100

Updated: July 16th, 2022

Do you want the most effective and affordable portable ACs on the market? They’re a fantastic way to keep our homes cool and fresh through long and hot summers, but not all are created equal.

Our research team spent 8 weeks testing 19 different portable ACs to see which came out on top.

We know what it’s like living in a hot state, so our test procedures were VERY thorough. When deciding our choices we looked at all of the following:

  • Maximum Cooling Power
  • ​For Both Small Rooms and Large Rooms
  • ​Low Energy Consumption
  • ​Multiple Settings For All Environments
  • ​Portability
  • ​Build Quality
  • ​Value For Money & Special Discounts

After extensive testing, the results are finally in. Read on to discover which portable AC claims our top spot!



"The best in market"

7,135 Reviews



"Value for money"

4,781 Reviews




1,376 Reviews

ChillWell Portable AC




2,041 Reviews





3,962 Reviews



"The best in market"

7,135 Reviews

Why Is the BreezeMaxx Portable AC the Winner of 2022?

We bought and tested them all.

The best portable AC of 2022 is surprisingly won by a new brand, BreezeMaxx. We did it last year as well, and Arctos Air was the winner in 2021. 

Tech, price/quality ratio and customer support all came in first.

Its strong cooling power were also unmatched.

It passed every test with flying colors, including the most important one – keeping our homes cool for an affordable price.

Under controlled testing, BreezeMaxx Portable AC rapidly reduces the sweltering heat in rooms down to cool and comfortable conditions. It cooled a sweaty 96 degree room down to a fresh 71 degrees in just 5 minutes!

This was no box room either, although it will be perfect for that. We ran our test in a 375sqft living room, so that level of cooling was much more than we expected.

For results like that, you’d think it would be burning through the electricity at a rapid pace – but surprisingly, it was the exact opposite. BreezeMaxx Portable AC is the most energy efficient portable AC we tested, making it incredibly cheap to run.

With a portable tiny AC this good, you may actually worry about rooms becoming TOO cool, but thankfully BreezeMaxx Portable AC has multiple settings to suit any room size or temperature preference. It was so easy to get the desired temperature we felt comfortable at.

Portability is another area where BreezeMaxx Portable AC scores top marks. It’s so small you can easily place it in rooms of all sizes. It would be perfect to give to a child moving into a new apartment or dorm room, as it’s so light and easy to transport. And because it’s cordless, it will work practically anywhere!

But what shocked us most was the price – it’s incredibly affordable for something that works so well. And considering it comes with a full money-back-guarantee – BreezeMaxx Portable AC is a no brainer.

If you want a mini air cooler  that keeps your home cool, fresh and comfortable at all times – the BreezeMaxx Portable AC is our number one choice.

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“Not only did I save a bunch of money, but what I loved about this was you could set it up literally anywhere. It was always instant-cool. Never had to wait for the big, noisy air conditioner anymore!”
Austin D.

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