Top 4 Portable Air Conditioner in the UK

When the broiling heat of the summer kicks in, there is no escaping the need for an air conditioner. Currently, the cooling market is packed with a wide variety of options to choose from when you absolutely need to make your living or workspace comfortable. The benefit of choosing a portable air conditioner is first and foremost the convenience of easy (or no) installation, the ability to move from space to space throughout the day. The best portable air conditioners will leave you cool and provide the convenience of flexible movement.

We Tested 2021’s Best Portable Air Conditioners. The quietest and most efficient unit we’ve found after researching over a hundred portable air conditioners and testing more than a dozen.

Best Overall: Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra

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735 Reviews

Blast Personal Fan



"Very Good"

489 Reviews

BLAUX Portable AC G2



"Very Good"

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Evapolar Evaporative Air Cooler




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What is the Blast Auxiliary AC?

Claiming to be the top-selling personal air conditioning unit on the market today, the Blast Portable AC allows consumers to set it on their desk to cool off quickly while they work. While there have been customer concerns, that hasn’t stopped consumers from using the Blast AC cooler, making a difference between a hot workday versus a cooled personal workspace.

Portable units like Blast Portable AC are much more cost-efficient than a fully installed AC system. Plus, no professional needs to install since it mostly requires an outlet and a refill of water as it runs out. During an emergency, the use of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is even more helpful, considering that it doesn’t have to be consistently connected to electricity for it to work. The rechargeable Blast Portable AC is cordless but uses a cable for charging, plugging directly into a power source to recharge effortlessly; with parts of the world that experience power outages from massive thunderstorms and even monsoons at this time of year, a portable AC helps to keep you comfortable while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Unlike the traditional ACs, the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is noiseless, compact, and affordable. You can use this unit as your personal AC to protect you against the harsh winter and summer weather. It’s so portable that you can carry it everywhere, be it to a picnic or a vacation.

Another advantage of this classic AC is that it is rechargeable. It has an internal battery that can be charged via a USB port or a socket. Once you charge it, you can carry it and use it anywhere.

What Makes Portable Air Conditoner Better than the Typical Choices?

You can’t move the room air conditioner but can take a portable AC with you. Usually, the room air conditioning unit is fixed means that the cool air coming from it is only available to you if you are in the same room. So if you want to work or sleep, you have to set up everything in that one room with an air conditioner.

On the other side, you can carry Blast Auxiliary AC with you wherever you go. From your workstation to the kitchen and finally your nightstand, it can be used anywhere, any time. Even if you are traveling, you can use it during your journey if there is no air conditioner available.

Besides, portable Blast Auxiliary AC is inexpensive and available with a huge discount for a limited time only. AC is also considered expensive because it increases the electricity bill of the house, but if you are using a chargeable portable device, the difference in the bill is almost avoidable.

How Does The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Work?

The working of Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC is pretty simple. It relies on simple cooling mechanisms such as ice cube trays and cold water to cool the air in your surroundings.The air cooling unit will use these cold sources to blow cool air your way.

You can choose from different settings to alter the cooling. For example, you can select the fan setting for days when you need air blowing, but no cooling. You can also opt for this setting if a senior person or toddler is using the cooler and they can’t bear the cold air.

For hot days when you just can’t do without cooling, set the coldest setting and you’ll be good to go.


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A Quick Evaluation of Blast Desktop AC Ultra Pros and Cons

Pros – Best About It

• High-quality, innovative and portable device
• Small size and easy to move
• No professional installation required
• Simple maintenance with no extra cost
• Protective benefits for health
• No noise, buzz, or vibration made
• Two in one, AC plus air purifier

Cons – Worst About It

• Only available online on the official website
• Not available at Amazon, eBay, and other stores
• Not available at local ships
• Suitable for one person only
• Limited stock available