Top 3 Smallest AC Units in US - Best Personal Air Cooler Reviews 2021

by MARK JOHNSON     Updated:  May 2021  

Central air conditioners have been the go-to solution for many homeowners in the US. However, portable mini air conditioners are gradually proving their worth and becoming a consumer favorite. While they may not possess the efficiency of a window unit, they provide more comfort than a fan.

Portable air conditioners are a popular way to stay cool indoors when the weather turns warm. They can be less expensive than central air conditioners, more practical than swamp coolers, and easier to install than window AC units and mini-split systems. They’re also far more portable than other solutions.

However, some units take up valuable floor room. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide of high-quality mini portable AC units. By choosing the right unit, you could end up saving on both floor space and cost.

Best Overall: Blast Auxiliary Mini AC

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BLAUX Portable AC G2



"Very Good"

489 Reviews

Evapolar Evaporative Air Cooler




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Best Wearable Portable Air Cooler




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Personal Air Cooler Vs Air Conditioner

A personal air cooler or “mini air conditioner” is actually an evaporative air cooler, a.k.a. a swamp cooler, which pulls the warm air from your room and runs it through the cool water it has in its tank. That’s how it manages to decrease the overall heat in the room. Mini evaporative air coolers are a more affordable option, but aren’t optimal for humid spaces.

On the other hand, an air conditioner absorbs heat by utilizing a refrigerant fluid. It releases cold air to decrease both temperature and humidity in the room. This process requires a lot of energy and can make your electricity bill skyrocket.

Our Winner of 2021: Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

This is an independent review of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC by Daily Wellness Pro. This report shares important information every consumer needs to know.

Blast Portable AC serves as the perfect solution to your needs to beat the heat this summer. In such unbearable hot weather, every individual feels so frustrated due to the excess humidity that they start searching for the best air conditioners. Most of us look for air conditioners that are easy to use, cost-effective and don’t cost hundreds of bucks at the time of paying electricity bills.

In today’s modern technology era, there is a massive range of air conditioners, including energy savers, inverters, portable air conditioners and others. If you are looking for pocket-friendly and highly efficient air conditioners, then Blast Portable AC is one of them. Many high authority tech websites and online consumer reviews are calling it ‘The World’s Most Powerful Portable AC’. 

Here's Why Blast Portable AC is in High Demand these Days

These portable personal air conditioners are structured to perform multiple functions, which further enhances their cost effectiveness for interested buyers. Here is a closer look at each of the functions performed by these compact air-cooling machines:

  • Can be adapted to perform the functions of an AC as well as a fan

These flexible air conditioners can be programed to produce gushes of cool breeze in hot summers, or switched to function as a fan for some relaxing drifts of air in moderately hot days or during the spring season, when the temperatures remain within a tolerable range. The switch in functionality is achieved quiet easily, without the need of much technicality.

  • Can humidify dry indoor environment

An added function of these adaptable machines is that they can also be adjusted to work as a humidifier for providing relief in dry weather conditions. This makes them very useful for helping in keeping up with the dehydrated indoor environments created in winters due to cranked up heating. This also helps in soothing dry, parched and itchy skin that usually accompany harsh and dry surroundings.

  • Very efficient Air Purifiers

The design of these air conditioners incorporates very efficient water curtains in these portable machines that makes them exceptional for purifying indoor air from pollen, dust or other pollutants. This allows Blast Portable Air Conditioners to multifunction as an air purifier as well, providing significant relief from conditions like congested sinuses, allergies, and asthma to their users.

The water curtain filters used in Blast Portable ACs are replaceable and very easy to change after they reach the end of their expiration age. Extra pieces can be bought from their official website and delivered right at the doorstep for further convenience of their users.

  • Very User Friendly

All proposed variations in their functionality are very easy to make which makes them suitable to be operated by every age group except children, that too for their own safety.

  • Cordless and Rechargeable

Blast Portable ACs are cordless and rechargeable. This feature makes them very convenient because it allows them to be used anywhere in the house without any hassle of watching out for the length of the cable or locating sockets before deciding on a preferred placement site.

All that needs to be done to get this machine running is to fill the high capacity water tank with 300 ml of water, charge the 200Ah battery with the Type-C cable included in the package, and then you are good to go and enjoy hours of cooling anywhere in an indoor setting.

  • Light in weight

The light weight of these air cooling machines further aids in their relocation between different spots of choice. All Blast Portable ACs have a carry handle implicit to their design which makes these light weight devices even easier to be carried around indoors.

  • Can be used everywhere indoors, all year round

These small, yet powerful ‘air-conditioners’ are suitable to be literally used all year round as per the needs of their operators. This is because they function as a fan, air conditioner, air purifier and a humidifier, allowing users to select the function of that suits their needs according to the environment.

They function well in workrooms, bedrooms, nurseries and kitchen countertops for providing soothing cool spurts of comforting personal air, without much hassles due to their light weight, cordless operation and long battery life.

  • Offers different fan speeds

When operating Blast Portable Air Conditioners on a fan mode, users have the flexibility to select the most comforting speed from three different settings according to their needs.

  • Provides Low noise operation

The air thrusts generated through Blast AC creates a very quiet pulsing sound, unlike traditional fans. The loud and unsettling noises created by them usually keep increasing with the speed of airflow, resulting in a disturbed sleep pattern. With Blast Portable Air Conditioners, users can expect to tune out the loud noises and enjoy deep sleep throughout the night, or watch their kids nap comfortably in the afternoon in their nurseries.

  • Louvers provide a more directed air flow

When it comes to airflow, Blast Portable Air Conditioners have flexible louvers that allow users to direct the air in the direction of their choice. They can put it on the desktop for example, and point the flaps of these air conditioners towards their face or arms, whatever they prefer.

  • Offers Mood Lighting

Another distinctive addition in these ACs is their inbuilt mood lighting. This is a cherry on top for the users as they also get to enjoy some intimate moments and light up their mood with this endearing feature.

How Does the Blast Portable AC Work?

It relies on simple cooling mechanisms such as ice cube trays and cold water to cool the air in your surroundings. The air cooling unit will use these cold sources to blow cool air your way.

You can choose from different settings to alter the cooling. For example, you can select the fan setting for days when you need air blowing, but no cooling. You can also opt for this setting if a senior person or toddler is using the cooler and they can’t bear the cold air.

Pros and Cons of the Blast Portable AC

Pros – Best About It

• High-quality, innovative and portable device
• Small size and easy to move
• No professional installation required
• Simple maintenance with no extra cost
• Protective benefits for health
• No noise, buzz, or vibration made
• Two in one, AC plus air purifier

Cons – Worst About It

• Only available online on the official website
• Not available at Amazon, eBay, and other stores
• Limited stock available