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UPDATE – Blast Auxiliary is currently sold out in retail stores nationwide. However, they may still be available on their website HERE

Latest Personal Portable AC - Instant Relief from Scorching Heat & Humidity, Anytime & Anywhere.

Mon May 24 2021


Weather Warning: The National Weather Services have informed that most states, this year, are expected to reach record highs this summer. We strongly suggest preparing for the coming heatwaves now, before it becomes intolerable.

No more Impulsive Buying – so make sure you get the “Real Thing”. Real is effective, long lasting, and Premium. Air conditioners which are traditional are expensive, shoot your electricity bills and not to mention the costly maintenance. So here is solution for smart people.

With over 600,000 units sold worldwide in just 1 month- this is the easiest no brainer solution for relief from the scorching heat and humidity.

We all know how hot and humid summer’s can be (we’re reporting to you live from Sunny Arizona!!)

The usual solution would be to turn on your air conditioning unit to get relief. But what we all forget is that astronomical electricity bill we receive at the end of the month… Not to mention traditional air conditioners are clunky, expensive, noisy and dangerous to clean.

Does that sound familiar?

The point is: Summers can be brutal. And expensive.

So, it comes as no surprise that more people are searching for a practical, cheaper, and cleaner solution to staying comfortable within their own homes during summer.

Thankfully, there is a way to easily, powerfully, and cleanly cool yourself off anywhere you go, for an affordable, one-off price and no extra bills.

A team of German engineers has just revealed an innovative portable AC unit that is changing the way people do summer.

Introducing… Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) .

Designed with a patented “hydro chill” technology.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) is a compact and powerful AC that can be carried from place to place without any cords or wires, and cleans the air as it goes. You can keep every room icey cool, without racking up huge bills or breathing in toxic dust.

It uses a genius water evaporation technique to absorb hot air into wet pads, capture the dust, and blow out fresh, cold air for up to 8 hours.

This is perfect for the office, at home, or at a friend’s house. It provides you with a better, colder environment no matter where you are for up to 8 hours.


“I always get sick at the start of summer when I turn my AC on. With the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC , I can sit right in front of it and feel fresh, even after hours of studying” – Darlene Rogers from New Orleans, LA

How does it work?

It’s so easy to use. All you have to do is:

  1. Charge the device
  2. Fill the 300ml tank with basic tap water
  3. Set your temperature settings by: 1: Cool, 2: Frosty, or 3: Freezing – then press the start button

It instantly starts reducing the temperature by up to 18°F / 10°C for a small or medium sized room.

And since the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) is so efficient, the huge water reservoir lasts all day with just one fill.

Unlike old, clunky fans you have to haul from room to room, dragging their cord on the floor, The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) doesn’t have any extra cords or extremities. You can put it in the middle of the room, in the garage, or even take it to the park or in the car. As soon as you turn it on, you freeze any space instantly.

The reason it’s so portable is because of the powerful, rechargeable 200mAh battery.

And this is the part that blows me away: You can charge the battery with a basic USB cable! Even your laptop can charge it. It’s so convenient.

Because of its power, you may be thinking the ultra-high tech battery would be heavy. It isn’t at all! It’s so light and sturdy my toddler easily carries it into her own room at bedtime.

Which is another amazing thing. The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) is whisper quiet. You never have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night because of the obnoxious drone of the AC or fan.

What exactly can the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC do?

Way more than you think!

  • Control the temperature: Put it on ‘freezing’ for super hot days, or keep it on fan mode when you need a light breeze.
  • Improve air quality: The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC (Gen2) also works as a humidifier. It helps improve dry skin and congestion.
  • Rapid cooling: The innovative “Rapid Cooling Mode” freezes up your room in 30 seconds.
  • Set your speed: Adjust the fan to 3 speeds based on your comfort level.
  • Easy to use: You don’t need any fancy equipment or special “know how”. Fill the large 300ml water tank and be cool all day long.
  • Compact and easy to carry: The light-weight design makes it so anyone can pick it up and take it anywhere. It weighs less than 2 pounds unfilled.
  • Remarkably quiet: No annoying, roaring fan hissing in your ear. Don’t interrupt your sleep or concentration.
  • Enhance the mood: It comes with 7 fun glow lights to put you at ease or brighten up a space.
  • Air-flow control: Move the blades up or down to get the cold air hitting just the right spot.

Even after all that, THIS is the best part.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t change your AC filter every 90 days like you’re supposed to (it’s way too dangerous and complicated).

All of that toxic dust, pollen, pet dander, and even mold and mildew blow out of the vents and make it hard to breathe. Then when you use a fan, it just blows all the dirty air around your face. Just look at the front rack of the fan!

It’s gross!

The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC (Gen2) actually cleans and moisturizes the air as it cools. It traps all the dirt and dust into wet filtration pads, and releases fresh, clean air. It’s so much healthier than a traditional AC or fan. I can actually breathe while working and sleeping. It’s perfect for people with seasonal allergies or dried up sinuses.

Some questions people ask us:

Q: Do I have to install the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) ?
No. There aren’t any extra cords or equipment. You can take it out of the box and start cooling your room immediately.

Q: Does it require batteries?
No. The powerful rechargeable 200mAh battery comes with a USB (type C) charging cable that lasts all day.

Q: Will the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) wake me up in the night?
Absolutely not. The high-tech, whisper-quiet fan soundlessly cools the bedroom all throughout the night without disturbance.

How Much Does It Cost?

Old, outdated AC’s run for $300-$600, plus the $200+ to have it installed. So you’d think that since the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC (Gen2) is so new and high-tech it must cost at least $1000.

But get this.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) sells for a retail cost of $178. Which is already an amazing deal.

But what’s better than paying the already astounding retail value of $178?

Paying HALF OFF! Thanks to an incredibly generous offer from the company, The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) is now available for only $89.

Unbelievable, right?

If you ask me, that’s an incredibly low price to pay for getting a brand new, high-tech AC-unit that lets you have a cool, comfortable summer.

Once I got mine, I couldn’t imagine going through summer without it.

How can it be so affordable?
Big brands out there spend BILLIONS of dollars preying on people like you who just want to get some relief from the heat. The advertising, store fronts, and hefty bonuses for greedy CEOs rack up a massive bill that you, the customer, pays for.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) doesn’t stand for that. They would rather give the savings to you. They only sell online, and they don’t even need the extravagant advertising.

The quality product and overwhelmingly positive reviews speak for themselves.

Which is exactly why hundreds of thousands of people have already bought it.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Without a doubt, YES. With the record highs on their way, the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) is by far the cheapest, easiest way to have a cool, comfortable summer.

Take it from me – you have to get the Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC (Gen2) now, before the discount runs out.

My advisor informed me this morning that this is the last time the discount will be around.

It’s already selling off the shelves, so if you don’t get it now, you risk losing out.

The Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) is just as powerful as a traditional AC, but WITHOUT the massive price tag.

And in case you haven’t guessed – I LOVE this thing!! I take it everywhere and I couldn’t imagine summer without it. You will never find a better AC unit for this price.

One last warning:
Because of the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC ‘s (Gen2) huge success, there are CHEAP knockoffs circulating right now. Do not fall for any tricks and get stuck with a useless copycat AC.

Get the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) directly from their official website to make sure you get the REAL product.

  • DISCLAIMER: As of May 24,2021 * – Ever since the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC (Gen2) blew up on international media, it’s been selling off the shelves. Because of the overwhelming popularity and positive reviews, the company is extending their 50% OFF discount for one time only. Stock is NOT guaranteed.

Stay Cool with Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC (Gen2)

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